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Louisa is the master of the calendar, and works with venues to ​set up wildly exciting game events. In her free time, besides playing board games, she enjoys origami, eating delicious food, and trying not to kill her many houseplants.

Current Favorite: Kingdom Builder



Vito keeps every game event running smoothly and efficiently. He loves people and games, and makes it is his goal to find a game that you will enjoy. When not at a game event, you can find Vito cooking tasty food, solving crossword puzzles, and sharing beverages with friends.

Current Favorite: Taluva


We started off meeting one Sunday afternoon a month in the basement of Claddagh Coffee on West 7th St. Each event consisted of around 15 people. Three years and twelve venues later, we now meet 6 times a month and have 400 active attendees.

Events are hosted by Vito & Louisa Sauro, who have lived in Saint Paul for the past 5 years and have been playing board games even longer. They decided to start the Saint Paul Board Game Group after noticing most game nights that existed at the time were happening either in Minneapolis or farther out into the suburbs of the Twin Cities. The goal was to create a casual gaming group that was accessible and inclusive. Over the past few years we have partnered with local businesses to host game events that provide a space for people to connect over board games in Saint Paul. 



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